What is the value proposition that companies need to present to strengthen their corporate governance?

Bringing together great professionals working at AGRO, understanding the best of finance, people and marketing, being crucial for training consultants, councils and business partners that are more mature, efficient and constant in their way of thinking about the future and assisting in companies’ strategic decisions.

Training of Executive Advisors and Business Partness for Agribusiness

A journey of 3 consecutive face-to-face days with real agribusiness cases.

Preparation and training of
Organizational Consultants
for Agribusiness

A journey of 13 disciplines with real agribusiness cases in 04 face-to-face meetings over 03 months

Our Methods

Case Method

The Harvard case method is effective because it promotes active and participatory learning with real cases in the classroom.

Critical Thinking

It encourages critical thinking, group collaboration, healthy debate and practical application of acquired knowledge.

Real Case Analysis

Furthermore, by analyzing real cases, participants can learn from the experiences of other companies and professionals in the agricultural sector, expanding their vision and understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced in agribusiness.


We will invite market professionals who have participated in companies undergoing transformation and to exchange information with future advisors.

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